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Niels Goudriaan, NMG Productions, interview, Lucinda Brand

About us

NMG Productions has seen the light of day in 2007 as an on-person-business and started out of passion.

A documentary about Antillean Track&Field athlete Churandy Martina was the main reason. It grew into a full feature documentary but we also produced the daily Olympic news for the national Dutch Antilles TV out of Beijing during the Olympic Games in 2008.

The passion for sports has never left us and a new era has begun. A specialization into the sport was born, resulting in hosting sports radio, TV broadcast and producing sport documentaries for TV and online.


Nowadays NMG Production has new roots in Holland, Stiphout and we have grown. We have a network of freelancers that we employ on a regular basis. Our passion still lies in sports however we do not want to limit ourselves to sport alone. We produce every production the same way, with the same passion and professional approach.


Communication is important in any relationship, as is the relationship between you, as the commissioning party, and us. We are doing our best to translate your vision into a production to be proud of, no matter how big or small. We thrive by keeping in contact throughout the whole process. Sometimes life gets in the way or you have a new idea or direction, we are open to any changes, even during the production process.


We also have our own ideas for productions so we are always on the lookout for partnerships. The world is not created for one and together we are strong. Our network allows us to connect parties to succeed in that one common goal. It all starts with passion, time after time. So please contact us if you see a fit partnership together with us.

​What can you expect from us? Personal contact, passion, professionalism, inspiration and genuine nice people. We started with our hobby and made our profession out of it. We start our day with a smile and we are having fun in our line of work.

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