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NMG Productions

Passion for motion picture

We at NMG Productions have a passion for motion picture, sound and music in combination with sports. We have specialized ourselves in sport productions, however we do not limit ourselves to sport productions alone. 


A production is not just to capture a moment from an event or product, the production needs to grab the viewer's attention in a single heartbeat. Everything needs to be aligned; from storyboard, video, sound, music, voice-over to editing. A perfect production is a balance between motion picture and sound. With that we try to capture the attention. 


Mini documentary

We approach any production as a mini documentary, whether it's a TV production, a web-based corporate or product video or brand video; the approach is the same for all of them. We translate the vision of our employers to tell the story that they want to tell so that they are proud of the production as much as we are. From A to Z, from an idea on a coaster to a full production. Tailor made productions, that’s what we live for.


Why us? Well, we have everything in-house; communication strategy, marketing, on and offline design and video production. We don’t need to outsource. Besides that, we want to look further then just a production. We want to help you strategize your campaigns, produce, design and implement it. 


Graphic design

Our graphic department is at your service for a full online and offline design. Websites, posters, advertisements, banners, magazines, photo books and newsletters. 


Our content department creates and places your content on behalf of your company and can maintain your social media channels.

Everything we do is tailor made. 

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